Let us at NumberFigured solve your Bookkeeping headaches.

Whether it is a one time deal of clean up work on existing Accounting Books or regular service that you require, we can help you!

We know that you require the right information timely and on hand to properly manage your business affairs - we make sure you have it! Whether you need a special project such as financials for a business plan or loan or other such requirement – we always deliver!

No Downtime! We can provide 24/7 access to your books online – so you can view the financial data at all times!

Why would you want to outsource? Apart from the obvious, which is having a professional doing the job – so you do not have to spend time to interview to get just the right person, who will do the best job and fit in to your companies organization and also train and supervise the work ( a lot of time!!), here are some other advantages:

  1. Most importantly... your time – while we take care of your Accounting needs, you can concentrate on maintaining and building your business, other business strategy, goals and reducing costs.
  2. Savings on expensive insurance and benefits such as workers compensation and medical!
  3. No or reduced employee turnover.
  4. No downtime on finding a person, or dealing with sickness or vacation cover.
  5. Work always done accurately, efficiently and ON TIME!
  6. Added resources to pull on such as Tax and Investment Planning needs or other contractor referrals such as Insurance Agents, Lenders, etc.
  7. Save on office space!

The above are just a few reasons to outsource – but there are many more!

We maintain books for clients and support QuickBooks (all versions including online), Peachtree (all versions including online) and MYOB (all versions.)

We offer the full range of Bookkeeping Services:

1. Accounts Payable invoices and check disbursements

  1. We can receive all the bills or you can send (fax, scan, email, mail) them to us.
  2. We will enter into the Accounting Software so that you can look at the amount that you owe at any time.
  3. You let us know when to pay the bills – and we will process them. We then send them to you for checking and signature.
  4. If at any time you write a check – send us a copy so we can record it to minimize any overpayment!
  5. If you would like us to track the credit card transactions – we will check your online statement and enter them – so your financial picture is current.
  6. We will also check on the bank balance and let you know when you need to transfer funds if you have multiple accounts.

2. Customer invoicing processing

  1. We will enter all customer invoices – mail or email them as per your instructions.

3. Cash receipt processing and Accounts Receivable

  1. We will contact customers on overdue payments – again as per your instructions.
  2. When you receive payment send us a copy so we can record it.
  3. We will prepare any Sales Tax Returns that are due.

4. Bank Reconciliation and Cash Management

  1. Give us online read only access to your Bank Account so we can monitor, record and maintain the Account. We will inform you any significant changes in the balance as per your instructions.

5. Payroll Administration

  1. We will prepare payroll or transmit to 3rd party payroll administration
  2. We will enter into the Accounting system
  3. We will compute any commissions due and process with Payroll
  4. We will prepare quarterly and annual Payroll Returns
  5. Account Analysis
  6. Budgeting, financial planning and forecasting
  7. Financial Record Maintenance
  8. Financial Reporting

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