This service is designed for companies that require short-term,  interim or out-sourced Controller Services but do not want to or cannot afford to hire an employee with the required skills.

These services include:

  1. Accounts Payable
    1. Review of Accounts Payable detail to make sure entry into Accounting system is correct.
    2. Assistance to make sure all vendor terms are being exercised so cash is not tied up.
    3. Analysis of vendors to bring to your attention if youare not paying competitive prices for goods and services.

  2. Accounts Receivable
    1. Review of customer invoicing to maximize revenue and collection
    2. Analysis of Bad Debt Accounts

  3. Financial Review and Reporting
    1. Balance Sheet Accounts: Check for accuracy and completeness including current balance of any liabilities payable.
    2. Income Statement Accounts: Treatment of revenue and expense accounts and period of recognition.
    3. Cost of Goods Sold Account: Check for Accuracy and completeness.
    4. Accuracy of any non-cash accounts such as depreciation
    5. Accuracy of Bad Debt Expense
    6. Reports: Give management customized reports to suit your decision making needs
    7. Inter-action with other outside contractors, management, employees etc, to answer questions and/or make suggestions on any issues.
    8. Prepare business plans for any situation e.g. Financing
    9. Budgeting, Forecasting  and other planning needs – monthly, quarterly, annually as specified by you.
    10. Accuracy and completeness on closing – monthly or annually.

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